Behavior Therapy Associates LLC is an organization of psychologists providing clinical services, research, training for healthcare and mental health providers, and consultation to programs.

Clinical Division

Our Clinical Division provides evidence-based interventions that are tailored to the individual. Here is a list of issues that can be addressed.

Liza Mermelstein, Ph.D.  
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Our clinical services also include the web apps we've developed for people with alcohol and drug problems. All are evidence-based. Each has evidence of effectiveness from randomized clinical trials funded by NIH/NIAAA.

  • Drinker's Check-up. The Check-up helps drinkers answer the question "Should I be concerned about my drinking? It includes a comprehensive assessment of drinking, related problems, family history, and risk factors. Then it provides objective feedback without labeling or telling the drinker what to do. It also helps them decide on how to change if they decide to.
  • Moderate Drinking is for heavy drinkers who are less dependent (which is 80% of heavy drinkers). It provides an interactive program that includes setting limits, self-monitoring, identifying and managing triggers to over-drinking, and other skills.
  • Overcoming Addictions is for more dependent drinkers who want to stop drinking or using drugs. This cognitive behavioral protocol has 4 elements:
    • Building and maintaining motivation
    • Dealing with urges and cravings
    • Self-management of thoughts, feelings, and actions
    • Developing a balanced lifestyle to prevent relapse.

If you're considering getting help for your drinking or drug use, become an informed consumer. Click here is a summary of a review of the treatment outcome literature based on a rigorous evaluation of randomized clinical trials.

Research Division

Our Research Division develops these web apps both for people with alcohol and drug problems and for professionals who treat them.

Reid K. Hester, Ph.D. Director
William Campbell, Ph.D. Project Director
Harold D. Delaney, Ph.D., Methodologist and Statistician
Tom Haney, M.S. Programmer

Our offices are at 9426 Indian School Rd NE, Suite 1. Our phone is 505.345.6100.

Questions or comments? E-mail Dr. Campbell.

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